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The opening of two Kindness Centers in the villages of Kacllaraccay and Mullacas has had a major impact on the two villages.  The completion of these two Kindness Centers has been a milestone for KIAB. The opening of the center in Kacllaraccay brought almost everyone in the village to the celebration, including the Mayor of Maras, who helped “christen” the building. The two centers now serve over 1,000 families in the district.
Also, thanks to a grant from the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation and The International Foundation, a large greenhouse is now located behind the KIAB Kindness Center in Kacllaraccay. Also, 16 greenhouses have been built in at the students homes in the same village and at the Misminey, Mullacas, and Chequerec Schools.  Vegetables and fruits grown in the greenhouses are used to feed the children through the KIAB School Lunch Program. The students at all of these schools are taught how to grow and maintain the organic gardens. Good nutrition will help alleviate the prevalence of stunting and malnutrition.

In 2018, KIAB will officially open the new Kindness Clinic in the Village of Kacllaraccay. Through a partnership with the Maras Hospital, the Goldfarb School of Nursing @BJC, medical care will be provided through the clinic and to many villages in the District of Maras.